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    Welcome to wiki This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! More

  • Mark home this year and THSE TERMS Jason Pierre-Paul Womens Jersey

    LSU wanted to get out ahead of a coaching search before possible big-time jobs come open at Southern Cal and Penn State, to name two. 1 target this season. Lay the field goal with the Bearcats here. In that time he has a shooting percentage of 10% by scoring 21 goals on 208 shots. ‘Ronnie […] More

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    This is when I really had to test my limits; mentally and physically. The Blues have a total of 63 points this year, which is 6th in the NHL. Hobbies include traveling and writing reading appreciating poetry, acting theatre and the arts … Josh’s Pick: Take Denver -3 Get $60 worth of FREE premium member […] More

  • Cat coupled with a 14 goals edmonton Womens Nolan Arenado Jersey

    Conceptually, there are a lot of familiar plays and some NBA Jerseys Cheap added twists as well. It’s a long Womens Mark Andrews Jersey season. A backup QB is the reigning Super Bowl MVP. New York has been Wholesale NFL Jerseys Nike getting some schedule luck in recent days, as series wins over the lowly […] More

  • 25 choose the month day players wholesale nfl jerseys

    In the face of trade speculation, Fowler went on to have an All-Star caliber season and become the Ducks primary offensive blue line weapon. But I also read about all the new research and medications on the horizon. They had one each last season as Wholesale Memphis Grizzlies Jerseys the Bengals logged Cheap Jerseys NFL […] More

  • Door walk ins welcome audition anything under 30 Authentic Kendell Beckwith Jersey

    Monk’s game harkens http://www.officialbuccaneerslockerrooms.com/elite-kendell-beckwith-jersey back to former Charlotte Bobcat Ben Gordon. Sam Travis had a night to remember in Cleveland. Sam Blazer: Sergei Bobrovsky. I feel pretty positive, Brees said Sunday. To hear what he had to say, check out the Cheap NFL Jerseys From China video above from Red Sox Extra Innings, presented by […] More

  • 52% game they’ve attempted 4 now the interval cheap nfl jerseys

    Yet another higher seed was sent home Saturday night, after the St. Okay, now tell me how. Chubb has been an absolute workhorse since the trade of Carlos Hyde on Oct. Klein started at middle linebacker NFL Jerseys Authentic most of the season in New Orleans but his production was fairly pedestrian, as he averaged […] More

  • Pro BowlMenu ShopMenu StandingsMenu StatsMenu batters nfl jerseys from china

    Either way, it’s a complicated situation for fantasy Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale and the schedule isn’t awesome next week with some hungry Blackhawks, Canadiens, Islanders and Capitals on the slate. He can clearly lead the running back and sit in pass NFL Jerseys MLB Baseball Jerseys From China protection. On the hour mark, Marciano’s mistake […] More

  • Last smooth in drills full guy quite scary goal Reggie Miller Authentic Jersey

    Wyshynski: Carolina on home ice. I’ve spoken with Cheap NFL Jerseys a few folks in the know who anticipate that when the rules committee meets this May, it Cheap NFL Jerseys will be heavily discussed that goaltending calls become reviewable plays in the final minute Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap of a game. The match continued […] More

  • Ready Ferguson’s today and handed lewis Jordan Wilkins Authentic Jersey

    Brad Marchand averages 19 minutes of ice time per game this year. U16 Euro Championship B. Sergio Derwin James Authentic Jersey Garcia’s secret to No. To find all players born within a certain month and year, for example all players born in December of 1985, choose the month and year with the drop down boxes […] More

  • 31st with friend total Odell Curley Culp Womens Jersey

    The Patrick Cudahy Virtual Reality Experience was especially popular. Even though Lewis talks to Bengals president Mike Brown every Cheap NFL Jerseys Nike day, he has apparently not yet had The Talk. Luke Witkowski News. It was held at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Fla. We need a little Curley Culp Womens Jersey flash occasionally. […] More

  • Don’t Be Fooled By The LIE About Plus Sized Models

    When it comes to inclusivity in media representation, we are living in a better decade than any past. Models, actors, singers, and everything in between are being represented now more than ever before. But…when it comes to plus sized models, there’s a catch… Have you ever wondered why most plus sized models always have that […] More

  • Worst English Language FAILS

    We get it, english is hard to learn for most people as a second language. While it is the most common language globally, it’s not always the easiest to grasp. We’ve collected some of our favorite english language fails from the globe to show you how entertaining these fails can sometimes be! Ah yes, Hannibal […] More

  • How Well Do You REALLY Know Music?

    Sure, everyone enjoys music, but how much do you think the average fan knows simple facts about the artists they love? Take this quiz to see if YOU can impress us with our general music knowledge! More

  • Creepiest Catfish Moments on TV!

    Catfish the TV show is soon coming to an end, but before it does, we’d like to take you on a journey through some of the CREEPIEST moments on the show. While most people seem to think the show is fake, there are some questionable moments that Nev and Max endure that seem to be […] More

  • Bucky: The Dog Who Walked 500 Miles To Find His Way Home

    Animals are incredibly smart beings. You hear crazy stories about them doing incredible things all the time, yet we often disregard them because they are not the same species as us. Here’s a story that’s a great reminder of why animals are just so amazing! Bucky was a beautiful black lab that lived with his […] More

  • This Woman Married Her Zombie Doll?!

    We all know the cold hard truth; finding love is hard, sometimes nearly impossible. There are some lucky couples find each other and live happily ever after. But what about those who find love in other places? Some people find it easier to love something that might be inanimate instead of playing the dating game. […] More

  • Texas Zoo Will Feed an Animal a Cockroach Named After Your Ex

    Are you single? Looking for the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day despite your hate for it? Look no further! El Paso Zoo will be hosting a live televised event on Valentine’s day in which they feed meerkats cockroaches, and you get to name the food! You can name them after anyone really, preferably someone […] More

  • Twenty Year Old Dies After Eating 5 Day Old Pasta

    A twenty year old student in Belgium was found dead this past week after eating bacteria filled spaghetti. Parents of the student found him in his college dorm the following morning and autopsied his body to find the pasta he had eaten contained Bacillus Cereus, a bacteria commonly associated with extreme food poisoning. According to […] More

  • QUIZ: Do You Have Common Sense?

    Common sense varies ALOT from the standard intellect. You can get straight A’s your entire life, and yet not know that jay walking is probably not the smartest thing to do. We have gathered some pretty well known common sense questions to see if YOU can navigate the world using common sense alone. More

  • The Best Public Meltdowns Caught On Tape!

    For most of us, going out in public and minding our own business is essential to leading a normal life. There are those few however, that tend to take a different approach to interacting with one another. Whether it’s harassing customer service workers, or fighting about whether or not they can own a raccoon, we’re […] More

  • A Meteor Hit The Super Blood Moon, What Does That Mean for Us?

    If you looked up into the night sky at all this past weekend, you probably saw the gorgeous display of a full Blood Wolf Moon for two days in a row. It’s incredibly rare, but even more rare is that a meteor hit the moon during this period! Now, the universe is incredibly massive (duh) […] More

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    R. Kelly Caught Recruiting Women in Ethiopia

    With the recent released hit show “Surviving R. Kelly” causing a media storm, it’s not a lesser known fact that the artist has been sketchy for a while now. He has been accused of rape, pedophilia and keeping sex slaves in his house for quite some time. Even his marriage to Aaliyah occurred when she […] More

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    These Are The Scariest Serial Killers of All Time

    Though you may have heard of these names, have you ever heard of the gruesome details of their cases? Though these are stories of nightmares, unfortunately, they are all true. Here are some of the scariest serial killers of all time. John Wayne Gacy Gacy’s number of killings are insane. He killed 33 teenage boys […] More

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    Real Ghosts That Were Caught on Snapchat

    It’s ironic that the app Snapchat can catch ghosts in plain sight, with it’s logo being a ghost itself. Have you ever tried the face swap filter on Snapchat? Sometimes it can recognize things that aren’t faces…but maybe something more sinister. Here’s the creepiest things ever caught on Snapchat. Though this one isn’t very spooky, […] More

  • The Aliens You Should Be Scared Of

    It might be a bit ignorant to say that we are alone in the universe. We are one amongst trillions of different planets and star systems in the known galaxies. Whether you believe in aliens or not, these sightings of the different types of alien creatures around our planet might be something more than science […] More

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    These Medical Conditions Are No Myth!

    Humans have come a long way in medicine and science. We used to be able to die from simple things like razor cuts or poisonous wallpaper (yes, that happened in the 1800’s.) But now thanks to modern medicine, we no longer have fears over old sicknesses. However, we still have a far way to go […] More

  • The Movies You Quote The Most

    As kids, most of us would hit rewind on our video cassettes immeditaley after we were done with a movie just to live through it again. That’s probably why you are so easily able to quote Mulan without even having it on your screen. Even throughout adulthood, there are staple classics of movies being quoted […] More

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    The MOST Embarrassing Celeb Fails!

    We’ve all stood in line at that grocery store cashier and boringly read the caption “Stars! They’re Just Like Us!” on the cover of a magazine as we’ve rolled our eyes. Well, as cliche as that is, it’s true! We all make mistakes- even people you idolize! And some mistakes are…unforgettable, to say the least. […] More

  • Most Tragic Celebrity Deaths

    Death itself is hard to comprehend for most of us. We usually choose to avoid the inevitability and sadness altogether just to live out our normal lives. When it comes to celebrity deaths, it seems like it would feel distant since we don’t normally know these people, yet we can’t help but feel completely heartbroken […] More

  • How NOT To Get Scammed By Personal Trainers

    Ringing in the new year with a gym membership is a popular choice for most people crossing off that resolution. If you’re familiar with gym memberships, then you know how this works. When you first sign up, they offer you a “complimentary” hour with a personal trainer. Most people jump the gun on this. And […] More

  • Only Millennials Will Remember These Crazy Toys

    Technology has come a long way since we were kids. Millennials were part of the last generation to not grow up with iPhones and iPads. Kids today will never know the excitement of receiving a Tomagatchi, or the thrill of riding Razor Scooters. Here’s a cheers to the best toys and games that made millennial […] More

  • Most Unbelievably INSANE Injuries EVER! (EXTREMELYGRAPHIC)

    We’ve all done stupid things in stupid situations that harm our bodies. Sometimes we think were invincible and immune to death, and sometimes we’re lucky and just get out of a situation with a a paper cut. However, nature does always shows us incredible circumstances to prove us wrong. Here we have some injuries that […] More

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    The WORST Celebrity Plastic Surgery of All Time

    Constantly being in the limelight must be hard (not that myself or probably any of you reading can relate). You are always forced to look and be your best, no matter what you do or where you go. Even a quick trip to the coffee shop is an absolute nightmare for a celebrity, whether it’s […] More

  • What Your Dog’s Breed Says About You

    The people, places, and things that we surround ourselves says way more about ourselves than we realize. one of the most telling aspects of a person can be the type of dog they decide to keep in their home.  Read below to find out what your dog’s breed says about you. Golden Retriever One of the […] More

  • Your Favorite Disney Movies Are From WHERE?!

    Disney has done a great job throughout recent years portraying a wide variety of different cultures and backgrounds in their films. Disney has stories from all around the world, but do you know exactly WHERE your favorite Disney films are from, and who originally told their tale? Some Disney movies are pretty obvious with where […] More

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    Snakes As Big As A HOUSE?!

    Snakes are commonly people’s worst fear, alongside spiders and airplanes for a good reason. Though most of them can be relatively harmless towards humans, there are still breeds of snakes that are mysterious poisonous killers, capable of attacking animals and people of any size. We’ve found the BIGGEST snakes around to give you nonstop nightmares […] More

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    The Most SCARY Legends About Disneyland

    Though Disneyland maybe donned as “The Happiest Place On Earth” there is ALOT of sketchy stuff that goes down there. There’s been people who have died, been covered up, and all sorts of secrets lurking in the park. They go above and beyond to immurse their customers in the escapism of the park, even planes […] More

  • The Most SHOCKING Animal Breeds Alive!

    Most animals are pretty cute in our eyes. We tend to favor certain animals that we deem “cuter” than most, like cats, dogs, bunny rabbits, etc. But we also forget that there are hundreds of species of animals that are absolutely TERRIFYING looking. There are so many species of animals, most of you reading this […] More

  • This Slang is From WHO?!

    Over the past decade the LGBTQ drag queen culture has become more apparent through pop culture, largely in part due to Ru Paul’s Drag Race becoming a hit show. Most of us use slang on the daily that has been donned by notorious drag culture. Drag has been around since forever, and we even use […] More

  • Is The Flat Earth Theory That Bizarre?

    Is the Flat Earth theory so bizarre? Sure, most of us might laugh at it, because we’ve all heard the theory. We’ve all heard about the crazy people on the internet going on and on about the earth being flat. it’s so ridiculous and against everything we’ve ever been taught that it’s difficult to even […] More

  • Most Messed Up Movies of ALL TIME

    If you love a good scare, or your more intense and just enjoy a good MESSED UP movie, we’ve compiled a list of our picks for the most f*&*@# up movies, horror and non horror alike. Be sure to grab a friend and be warned…   Antichrist For any of you who know who Lars […] More

  • 9 WEIRD Things You Should Eat When Expecting

    If you’re reading this, you’re probably expecting a baby! Yay! We’ve come up with some helpful hints from some friends to help you along the way of your nine month journey…These moms ensured their baby to be healthy (and SMART!) by eating THESE 10 THINGS!   “I thank my mom for eating lots of Greek […] More

  • 4 Ways To Make Christmas Fun for Adults

    Christmas is mostly for making kids happy, but what about for us? We stress over the money we’ve spent and the hours we’ve put into decorating and wrapping gifts. Christmas Eve is a magical time, and can be more fun for adults! Here’s how to make the most of your Christmas with your friends.   […] More

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    5 Fast Food Joints That Are HEALTHY?!

    When we say healthy, we mean not as crappy for you as a quarter pounder might be. We know it’s hard being healthy in a rush, especially when you just don’t have time to make anything or have the money to spend on those Whole Foods visits. But, being healthy is actually easier than you’d […] More

  • 4 WORST American Film Adaptations of Anime

    With the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie arriving next sumer with Ryan Reynolds starring as the adorable Pikachu himself, we figured it might be fun to take a look at the worst American film adaptations of classic Japanese animes.   Death Note: This anime is beloved by many all over the world for it’s disturbing storyline […] More

  • Make Extra Money With These 4 Apps

    Nowadays it seems that more and more people have to get a side hustle just to make ends meet. However, it can be hard to balance two jobs with only so many hours in the day. That’s why apps like Lyft and Uber have helped people make money on the side for the times you […] More

  • This Fruit Does WHAT To You?!

    Today we are going to be talking about the super food you take for granted, and should be having more of! Can you guess what it is? Well, enough of the anticipation, we’ll just tell ya; LEMONS. And if you guessed that, congratulations, you can have my job. Lemons are more important than you know. […] More

  • How To Have Fun Being A Broke Bitch

    If you’re in your 20’s, you know exactly how hard it is to have fun and save money. You see all of your friends going out, having a ball (maybe in Bali) yet you can’t even afford to go out for one night of drinks. It’s hard being broke with expensive taste. We have four […] More

  • 3 Secrets to Become The SEXIEST MAN ALIVE

    Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. I was this way for years and my goodness I refuse to go back to living that way. It’s supposed to be the easiest time in history to find a date, so why did I go home cold and […] More

  • These 7 Celebrities Dated WHO?!

    As involved as many of us are in pop culture, there are still alot we don’t know about these stars! Past flings and over the top weird pairings, here’s the weirdest celebrity couples who once dated.   Aaliyah & Jay Z: There was a once upon a time before Beyonce. Aaliyah and Jay briefly dated […] More

  • How To Survive an Emergency

    Whether or not you’ve been watching too many apocalyptic movies, it’s always good to know how to survive anywhere in case of an emergency. We always envision ourselves surviving an epidemic with guns or knives, fighting off zombies, vampires, maybe squirrels. But more importantly than those fantasies are the necessities you would need to be […] More

  • The BEST Themed Bars of L.A.

    Nostalgia is a familiar feeling nowadays. With our culture’s obsession of the Wild West and 80’s Sci Fi, it’s no wonder there are so many great bars that are making it their mission to help you escape your reality through traveling to a different decade or space you’ve never been. Here’s Los Angele’s most fun […] More

  • 7 Weirdest Jobs In The World

    “You can be whatever you want when you grow up” is a statement were all familiar with hearing during our childhood. But what if your dream was to be a professional dog surfing trainer? Or a professional cuddler? If there is a market for it, you can make a job out of it. Here are […] More

  • 5 Ways To Tell If Your Cat Loves You

    It’s obvious seeing how much our dogs show love towards us, but cats are…another story. Most of the time they just kind of sit there, and may give us the occasional purr if we are worthy enough for their time. But of course, that is only for a brief moment. So how do we know […] More

  • How To Stop Inappropriate Teacher-Student Relationships

    Within the past decade or so, there have been several accounts of illegal teacher-student affairs. It seems as though more and more stories are becoming famous in mass media and more parents start to worry. Situations like these are usually started with suspicions and rumors and end in violent minded court battles. Presumably, it would […] More

  • 4 Best Dating Apps for Young People

    In the age of instagram, twitter, and facebook, it’s never been easier for people to connect, yet also disconnect. Younger people are flooding more towards dating apps now more than they ever have. While dating apps used to be a stigma for the unwanted of the dating pools, now it has turned into hip hot […] More

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    You Can Clear Your Skin With FOOD!

    If there’s something we can all agree on, it’s that acne sucks. You think it will be gone once you graduate high school, but in most cases, it just doesn’t leave. So many of us have adult acne, and have tried everything to calm it down. But no matter what your skin regimen is, did […] More

  • 6 Foods For The BEST Workout

    We all know the temptation of foods can be overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to get into shape. There’s alot of foods people mistake eating during their fitness journey that can ruin workouts, or even foods you’re not getting enough of. Luckily, the OMG team is here to help!   Before or after working out, […] More

  • 4 Scariest Cults That Will Make You Squirm!

    Whether you are a true crime aficionado or not, most of us are pretty familiar with some famous cults that have surfaced through news outlets, media, and even film adaptations. The Manson Family, Children of God, The Branch Davidians, and (Scientology?) are usually the more famous cults that start conversations. But what did these cults […] More

  • Humans So Insane, You Won’t Believe It’s Real!

    People love body modifications, whether it’s anywhere from piercing your ears to getting a tattoo. There are those that exist that tend to take it too far…For this piece, we’ll be looking at humans who have modified themselves so much, they aren’t even really human like anymore.   Tiamat Dragon Lady Tiamat has dubbed herself […] More

  • These Transgender Superstars Are Setting The Stage!

    The entertainment industry has come very far the past few years. Films and music are becoming more and more inclusive to diversity, which is a wonderful thing! We’re gonna talk about stars who are transgender and setting the stage for future generations to come!   Kim Petras Kim Petras is one of the youngest stars […] More

  • The Best Horror Movies of 2018

    As the year comes to a close, we would like to take a look back at this year in horror. No, not the political climate. 2018 has been the most promising year in a while for the horror movie genre. The genre has been slowing down ALOT with good substance, since the early 2000s. You […] More

  • America’s Next Top Models Who Made it Big

    If you didn’t watch America’s Next Top Model in the early days, you are probably missing out. Tyra Banks hosts the show about finding out who will be America’s “next top model” and the series is stuffed with drama, bimbos, and heart to hearts. Though many went on to win the competition, it was actually […] More

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    7 Cat Memes That Relate To Your Depression

    There’s nothing that can cheer us up more than a cute cat video or meme. It’s true, you see a cat that falls on it’s face and it instantly makes you laugh. But what about the cat memes that can relate to our depression TRULY? If seeing cute cats make us laugh, shouldn’t we give […] More

  • Every Movie Reference Ariana Used in “Thank U, Next”

    Ariana Grande’s music video “Thank U, Next” has reached a whopping 119 MILLION views on youtube. Sorry, Pete Davidson. Not only was this song a love/hate relationship diss (or miss) towards her exes, but it was also an homage to classic early 2000’s rom com movies. We’ve broken down all of movies she references in […] More

  • People Got Plastic Surgery to Look Like WHO?!

    Plastic surgery is almost becoming a norm in the past decade. Most people get simple surgeries; lip fillers, botox, dental work. But there are some people who take their surgeries to the extreme, almost to the point they want to look like SOMEONE ELSE. Here are some people who got plastic surgery to look like […] More

  • Vine Stars Who Are Still Famous

    The day the app Vine ended was a grim day for the world. Most of us turned to Vine seeking an escape to cheerfulness over the course of watching a six second video. Many people became stars on Vine, and many of them faded away as the app ended. Although Vine is over, your favorite […] More

  • Memes That Perfectly Describe 2018

    It’s been a long and strange year, and what better way to celebrate than to look back on this year’s current events via memes? Here’s our picks for the most relatable memes of 2018.   Fashion has come a long way, and it’s only getting…well, more futuristic? 2018 has been THE year for “May I […] More

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    WORST Tattoos Ever!

    Choosing a tattoo can be difficult for some, but even more importantly, choosing a trusted artist is harder. The ideal tattoo candidate should do their research in order to find a trusted artist within their price range. However, some people don’t even care about quality and would choose to opt out for a cheap tattoo […] More

  • The Cringiest Thing You’ll Ever See…

    If you’re not familiar with what furries are, I envy you. Furries are a subculture of people (typically grown adults) who dress in intricate fur costumes one might assume would be from Chuck E. Cheese. These people often hand make their own costumes (which, I’ll give them a plus for that.) and can be anything […] More

  • Party Drinks That Keep You Thin!

    Going out and having fun isn’t always easy on the waistline, especially if your’e trying to diet. Beers and sugary drinks are packed FULL of carbohydrates, and the sad thing is you don’t even know how much you’re intaking! So, were here to help you for your next drink, whether you’re going out or staying […] More

  • Foods That Relieve Period Cramps

    It’s that time of the month again, and you are absolutely miserable! And even though you wanna cram all sorts of food into your face, did you know that some foods can actually make periods worse? While you are allowed to eat as much as you desire during your period, make sure you eat the […] More

  • Cat Breeds That Will SHOCK You!

    When it comes to breeding cats and dogs, people go above and beyond. Breeds of cats and dogs that probably should never exist, and wouldn’t exist in the wild are formed with all types of different breeds within their species. We found the WEIRDEST cat breeds ever, and broke them down for you:   Oriental […] More

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