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4 Ways To Make Christmas Fun for Adults

Christmas is mostly for making kids happy, but what about for us? We stress over the money we’ve spent and the hours we’ve put into decorating and wrapping gifts. Christmas Eve is a magical time, and can be more fun for adults! Here’s how to make the most of your Christmas with your friends.


Take an Uber to See Lights

The fun about the holiday season is passing through neighborhoods and seeing all the beautifully decorated homes. This can be more fun with a pal, a boozy hot chocolate and an Uber. Find a destination that takes you through all of the neighborhoods and ask your Uber to stop for the lights. You can play Christmas music and make a fool out of yourself with a sober driver.


Santa’s Cookies Hunt/ White Elephant

Make cookies for “Santa” and place the cookies all around the house. Whoever finds the most cookies hidden around the house gets to be Santa and chooses a gift they want to steal from someone else! It’s a ton of fun, very competitive, and will have you laughing and wrestling like a kid again.



Christmas Music

Find a fun way to re-write the lyrics of old Christmas music to make it funny or better. Alot of old Christmas songs are outdated (and even some that are just plain politically incorrect) but this is a fun opportunity for you and your friends to make a challenge out of it. You can hold a talent show and take turns belching out the lyrics you have written.


Christmas Movie Drinking Game

This will get you WASTED. Find a Christmas movie you love and you all must drink every time you hear the terms “Christmas” “Jingle Bells” “Santa” “Rudolph” or “Snow”. It’s a fun way to spice up an old family favorite and enjoy each other’s company.

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