4 WORST American Film Adaptations of Anime

With the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie arriving next sumer with Ryan Reynolds starring as the adorable Pikachu himself, we figured it might be fun to take a look at the worst American film adaptations of classic Japanese animes.


Death Note:

This anime is beloved by many all over the world for it’s disturbing storyline and frightening characters. This anime was turned into two live action films in Japan, followed by the utterly disappointing U.S. Netflix release of the film starring Willem Dafoe and Nat Wolff. Not only was the movie just plain bad, but it differed so much from the original anime that it didn’t even feel like the same universe. The only thing this movie had in common with the anime was essentially just it’s characters. (And even most of the characters were given different names).


Ghost In The Shell:

Ghost in The Shell was one of the first anime movies alongside Akira that changed the game of anime altogether, making it less of a children’s thing and more of an adult fandom. The 2016 Ghost in The Shell movie with Scarlett Johannson received much backlash as she starred as a Japanese robot woman, who was reincarnated from an ACTUAL Japanese girl. Old and new fans alike were furious with the white-washing of this film. The only cool thing about this movie is the Blade Runner-esque landscape. But, you should probably just stick to watching Blade Runner instead.


Speed Racer:

This film did so poorly in the box office that most people don’t even remember it existed. The movie was based on the classic anime from the 80’s, and turned the beloved show into an anxiety ridden acid trip most of us wanted to and did forget.


Dragonball Evolution:

You would think Hollywood would have learned it’s lesson in 2009 with the whitewashing of this anime, but of course it did not. This was one of the worst anime film adaptations of all time, with a clumsy storyline and forgettable characters. The movie really did take a dump on the classic anime with it’s terrible dialogue, characters and plot.

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