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5 Ways To Tell If Your Cat Loves You

It’s obvious seeing how much our dogs show love towards us, but cats are…another story. Most of the time they just kind of sit there, and may give us the occasional purr if we are worthy enough for their time. But of course, that is only for a brief moment. So how do we know if our cats actually like us, or if they just see us as pawns to use a source of food and shelter? Let’s turn to science for the answers:


Cheek Rubbing

This sign isn’t super clear, as most cats use this gesture as a way to mark their territory on things other than our face. However, that’s also a good thing. When a cat rubs their cheek on you, they are recognizing that your are theirs. And as possessive as that sounds, in cat talk, that’s romantic.



This is a sign of affection in the sense that they feel the need to take care of you. To them, they might see you as one of their own, maybe even their kitten. They feel the paternal instinct of cleaning you. Or you might just be dirty in their eyes.


Kneading Paws on You

Do you ever wonder why your cat kneads their paws on soft things like they are working a shift at the bakery? As kittens, cats use that motion as they suck milk from their mother. Even as they age, they do this notion as a comfort. This means they are relaxed and happy. It’s an even greater sign that they love you by doing this on your lap. If that’s not convincing, you can always wear a cat mask to see if they see you as more of their own.


Brings You Dead Animals

A truly terrifying present, but a present nonetheless. When a cat surprises you with a dead rodent, bird, or anything else, this is given to you as a gift. They assume you aren’t eating enough. Though it’s not the cuddly gesture of love, it’s the gesture that shows they care about your well being.


Soft Blink

Some people believe that when a cat holds a long period of eye contact and then slowly blink, that it means “I love you” in cat talk. This is probably a far fetch assuming your cat has healthy eyes and blinks a lot, but the difference is the slow blink. If you feel like you need an answer, no one is stopping you from staring your cat in the face and rapidly blinking to persuade a response.

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