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7 Cat Memes That Relate To Your Depression

There’s nothing that can cheer us up more than a cute cat video or meme. It’s true, you see a cat that falls on it’s face and it instantly makes you laugh. But what about the cat memes that can relate to our depression TRULY? If seeing cute cats make us laugh, shouldn’t we give the depressed cat memes a chance to relate to our everyday lives? Here’s a pick of our favorite relatable cats:



The sad cat meme that took Twitter by storm. This cat’s face says it all.



The infamous sad cat face photoshopped onto a buttered Guinea Pig. Classic.


I am currently having one of those days.


Here’s a photo of me lashing out at my boyfriend for eating my Lasagna.


And here’s a photo of me plotting against him for eating my Lasagna.


I think this cat also shares the human terror of inevitable impending doom.


And here’s a cat that chooses to welcome his inevitable impending doom.

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