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9 WEIRD Things You Should Eat When Expecting

If you’re reading this, you’re probably expecting a baby! Yay! We’ve come up with some helpful hints from some friends to help you along the way of your nine month journey…These moms ensured their baby to be healthy (and SMART!) by eating THESE 10 THINGS!


“I thank my mom for eating lots of Greek yogurt and drinking milk when she was pregnant with me. The calcium helped me grow before I was even born. Plus the dairy foods had high amounts of phosphorus, B-vitamins, magnesium and zinc. They built me too. Now you see the results on the court.” – Ben, 29


“I like to think I’m normal. I was born normal, after all. What I mean is my mom didn’t have any complications on my birthday, probably because she took probiotics while she was carrying me. Probiotics reduce the risk of preeclampsia, GBS, and more.” – Jennifer, 27


“I was not born small. No. I was born a very healthy 8 lbs 3 oz and a good length. My mom did a good job of eating chickpeas and black beans during her first trimester. It was the folate. Most pregnant moms don’t get enough, and this can lead to small babies. It can also result in infections later on. Let’s be clear. My mom ate her folate.” – Andrew, 36


“When my mother was pregnant with me, little was known about prenatal care and nutrition back in the 30’s. However, my mother ate lots of sweet potatoes to help supplement the nutrients and help me live as long as I have!” – Doris, 85


“I think one of the reasons I am so smart is probably due to my mother’s strange eating habits. My mother ate wild salmon twice a week during pregnancy. Fish contain Omega-3 fatty acids, and those components are great for building gray matter in your cranium.” – Lee, 47


“I believe eggs are vital for growth, especially during pregnancy. The nutrition in them builds and entire chicken with some of nature’s simplest ingredients. Eggs have choline, a nutrient that helps the brain’s development and memory in babies. I think all the eggs my mother ate went to my head.” – Mallory, 31


“Do you know how healthy and important it is for pregnant mothers-to-be to eat dark green, leafy vegetables? They’re packed with the nutrition a growing baby needs. And even broccoli. When I found out how nutritious dark green leafies were, I started eating them with my cornflakes.” – Anthony, 45


“This is so weird, but believe it or not, my mom would have a daily spoonful of cod liver oil with her cafe au lait in the mornings. Apparently, it’s super good for you and your baby. How she figured that out? I have no idea.” – Yolanda, 68


“I feel like avocados are just, the best food ever. They’re absolutely delicious, and they’re healthy! My mom says she would have at least one avocado for every meal, since she knew they have more potassium than bananas. Plus, avocados have tons of healthy fat.” – Kim, 25


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