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    Don’t Be Fooled By The LIE About Plus Sized Models

    When it comes to inclusivity in media representation, we are living in a better decade than any past. Models, actors, singers, and everything in between are being represented now more than ever before. But…when it comes to plus sized models, there’s a catch… Have you ever wondered why most plus sized models always have that […] More

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    Worst English Language FAILS

    We get it, english is hard to learn for most people as a second language. While it is the most common language globally, it’s not always the easiest to grasp. We’ve collected some of our favorite english language fails from the globe to show you how entertaining these fails can sometimes be! Ah yes, Hannibal […] More

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    Creepiest Catfish Moments on TV!

    Catfish the TV show is soon coming to an end, but before it does, we’d like to take you on a journey through some of the CREEPIEST moments on the show. While most people seem to think the show is fake, there are some questionable moments that Nev and Max endure that seem to be […] More

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    Bucky: The Dog Who Walked 500 Miles To Find His Way Home

    Animals are incredibly smart beings. You hear crazy stories about them doing incredible things all the time, yet we often disregard them because they are not the same species as us. Here’s a story that’s a great reminder of why animals are just so amazing! Bucky was a beautiful black lab that lived with his […] More

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    This Woman Married Her Zombie Doll?!

    We all know the cold hard truth; finding love is hard, sometimes nearly impossible. There are some lucky couples find each other and live happily ever after. But what about those who find love in other places? Some people find it easier to love something that might be inanimate instead of playing the dating game. […] More

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    Twenty Year Old Dies After Eating 5 Day Old Pasta

    A twenty year old student in Belgium was found dead this past week after eating bacteria filled spaghetti. Parents of the student found him in his college dorm the following morning and autopsied his body to find the pasta he had eaten contained Bacillus Cereus, a bacteria commonly associated with extreme food poisoning. According to […] More

  • QUIZ: Do You Have Common Sense?

    Common sense varies ALOT from the standard intellect. You can get straight A’s your entire life, and yet not know that jay walking is probably not the smartest thing to do. We have gathered some pretty well known common sense questions to see if YOU can navigate the world using common sense alone. More

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    The Best Public Meltdowns Caught On Tape!

    For most of us, going out in public and minding our own business is essential to leading a normal life. There are those few however, that tend to take a different approach to interacting with one another. Whether it’s harassing customer service workers, or fighting about whether or not they can own a raccoon, we’re […] More

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