A Meteor Hit The Super Blood Moon, What Does That Mean for Us?

If you looked up into the night sky at all this past weekend, you probably saw the gorgeous display of a full Blood Wolf Moon for two days in a row. It’s incredibly rare, but even more rare is that a meteor hit the moon during this period!

Now, the universe is incredibly massive (duh) and meteors often pass by us constantly, big or small. If you’ve ever seen a meteor pass, it usually looks like a bright golden firework. It’s beautiful, and tantalizing. Most viewers of the blood moon didn’t even know what the flash was at first.

The flash hit rapidly and quickly on the dark side of the moon, and few people only saw a quick flash of light. People speculated what it was, and after some review of video footage, it was clear it was a meteor. While this may happen often, it was even more surprising that this happened on an eclipse, as it was visible.

Meteors are mostly harmless, but remember what happened to the dinosaurs? Sometimes it’s not the size of the rock, it’s the impact it’s traveling at that can cause the most damage. This meteor was just a reminder of how random these events can be, as we are just a massive rock hurdling through space avoiding other debris.

While meteor crashes on Earth don’t happen much, it’s not impossible to have a meteor of large scale hurl towards us sometime in the future. And while that’s scary, it hopefully won’t happen in the near future. If you’ve seen the movie Armageddon, then you are aware of how Bruce Willis’ brave sacrifice to blow up a meteor before Earth impact. Unfortunately, that’s just Hollywood science fiction. If a meteor of that scale were to hurdle towards Earth, there might be nothing for us to do.

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