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The Best Horror Movies of 2018

As the year comes to a close, we would like to take a look back at this year in horror. No, not the political climate. 2018 has been the most promising year in a while for the horror movie genre. The genre has been slowing down ALOT with good substance, since the early 2000s. You might get a good film here and there, but this year we had a great amount of films to keep us terrified. Here’s our favorites;


A Quiet Place

You should remember John Krasinski as the wildly hilarious Jim Halpert from The Office, but now you’ll know him as the fantastic breakout filmmaker of 2018! His fresh take on writing and directing was a solid choice, his film relies on the terror of silence and has a horrifying sound design to go along. Him and his wife, Emily Blunt star opposite of each other, and we want more!


I don’t think there was anyone in the theater with their eyes open watching this film. The film is incredibly well made, and doesn’t fall short when it comes to acting. The movie takes a mortifying turn a little after the beginning and just won’t give you a break! It’s probably one of the better horrors that has come out within the past few years!



If you’ve seen the original Suspiria, you know how fucked up this movie can be. Though the story of this remake differs from the original, it has the same shock value and horror that can make even the biggest horror fan squirm. Though many see this film as more of an art piece, as it is incredibly slow at times, the horror sequences in this movie are some of the most intense scenes we’ve ever seen. Try not to barf.



Horror fans worldwide were ecstatic to see Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Meyers return to the big screen to reunite once again. Though the film is a little campy, it’s incredibly fun and has an important role in today’s state. This movie set the record for the second biggest October movie opening ever AND the biggest movie opening for a lead actress over the age of 55. Old and new Halloween fans alike had a wonderfully spooky October to enjoy.

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