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The BEST Themed Bars of L.A.

Nostalgia is a familiar feeling nowadays. With our culture’s obsession of the Wild West and 80’s Sci Fi, it’s no wonder there are so many great bars that are making it their mission to help you escape your reality through traveling to a different decade or space you’ve never been. Here’s Los Angele’s most fun themed bars.


Sassafras Saloon:

Take a trip to the old west with this Hollywood hot spot. The bar is rag timed theme and looks like it could’ve been the Haunted Mansion ride before it was haunted. The bar has a niche for the unknown of the early 1900’s.


Good Times at Davey Waynes:

You can travel back to the 70’s by literally entering through a refrigerator! This L.A. staple is a must for young people who just want to jam out with some classics. The place is made to look like a 1970’s living room complete with shaggy carpeting, retro televisions, and pinball machine. Plus, the best vodka snow cones in town!


Eighty Two:

Probably the greatest dream come true for the die hard video game fan. This bar is packed with more classic arcade games and pinball machines that you could dream for. Challenge your friends to some Mortal Combat and sip on some video game themed drinks, named after your favorite characters.


Madame Siam:

This fancy circus themed bar is a MUST for the L.A. local. The place is decked out in vintage circus inspired decor, live music and dancing, and tons of games! You can defeat your buddies to a shooting game and even throw a hacky sack into Donald Trump’s mouth.

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