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Bucky: The Dog Who Walked 500 Miles To Find His Way Home

Animals are incredibly smart beings. You hear crazy stories about them doing incredible things all the time, yet we often disregard them because they are not the same species as us. Here’s a story that’s a great reminder of why animals are just so amazing!

Bucky was a beautiful black lab that lived with his human dad in Virginia. Unfortunately, the man found his home was not allowed to have dogs under their HOA rules. So his dad drove Bucky to South Carolina to stay with another family.

Bucky, however, was not happy about this. Bucky snuck out one night and walked an insane 500 miles back to Virginia! He was only a few miles away from his home when someone picked him up and surrendered him to the local shelter.

Here’s the insane part…Bucky was luckily micro-chipped and they were able to contact his dad. Thankfully, the two were reunited and hopefully never will be separated again. It’s crazy how one little pup was able to navigate himself home across to another state! Please respect your fellow furry friends, and ALWAYS get them micro-chipped when you can. You never know just what might happen.

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