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These 7 Celebrities Dated WHO?!

As involved as many of us are in pop culture, there are still alot we don’t know about these stars! Past flings and over the top weird pairings, here’s the weirdest celebrity couples who once dated.


Aaliyah & Jay Z:

There was a once upon a time before Beyonce. Aaliyah and Jay briefly dated before her tragic passing. As strange as it is, they actually seem like they could have been great together!


Cher & Tom Cruise:

WHOA! These two once dated back in the 80’s. This relationship was kept pretty under wraps, but Cher was recently quoted saying he was one of the best lovers she’s ever had!


Seal & Tyra Banks:

Before Seal had Heidi and Tyra had her first show, these two briefly dated in 1996. Weirdly, Tyra has worked with Heidi Klum many times. No hard feelings, Heidi!


David Spade and Julie Bowen:

Way before Julie made her Modern Family, her and David spade dated in 2002! David Spade sure has a thing for hot blondes.


Kim Kardashian & Nick Lachey:

Believe it or not, this happened when Nick was the famous one! In 2006, they went on one date to the movies. The sparks didn’t seem to fly, but the two remain friendly to this day.


Hilary Duff & Shia LeBeouf:

These two ex-Disney stars once tried their hand at romance together, but it ended it what was called “the worst date ever” by the both of them. Shame, their names would have sounded pretty cool together.


Fergie & Justin Timberlake:

Justin’s no stranger when it comes to dating pop stars! The two allegedly hooked up back in the late 90’s when Fergie was 23 and Justin was ONLY 16. Whoa, Fergie! Thank god that didn’t go any further.

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