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Creepiest Catfish Moments on TV!

Catfish the TV show is soon coming to an end, but before it does, we’d like to take you on a journey through some of the CREEPIEST moments on the show. While most people seem to think the show is fake, there are some questionable moments that Nev and Max endure that seem to be terrifyingly real…

-Tracey (AKA Jacqueline) and Falesha

Falesha had been cyberbullied and hated throughout highschool because an account named Jacqueline had used Falesha’s photos and attacked EVERYONE around her. People thought Falesha was a terrible person, even though Falesha had never done anything. After receiving help from Nev and Max to track “Jacqueline” down, they found creepy Tracey. Tracey seemed to have an IQ of a twelve year old and kept giggling like a creepy doll in a superstore. She stated that she “hates Falesha, because Falesha thinks she’s a model and stole all of Jacqueline’s friends.” When Max asks Tracey if she would feel bad if one of the people she had bullied had killed themselves, she laughed maniacally and said she didn’t care.

-Zak (The Creep Who Conned 400 Women)

This episode started off like any other, with a woman trying to find her online boyfriend and explaining to Nev and Max that she had sent erotic photos to who she thought was “Lucas”. A few similar stories from other girls started coming in, and they soon found out they were all talking to the same guy. Nev and Max brought three girls to confront “Lucas” and found it was actually some basement dwelling warcraft nerd named Zak. After Nev looked through Zak’s phone, he found Zak had been journaling ALL of his catfish endeavors and saved every photo from every girl. This creep said he Catfished over 400 women! Get a job, dude. As the crew were leaving, the creep laughed and told the girls “Miss you all.” which sent Nev into a confrontation as to how terrible Zak was.

-Courtney and Kayla

Kayla reached out to Nev and Max after receiving messages from a woman named Courtney that she had been TALKING TO KAYLA’S DEAD DAD…also, Kayla’s dad had murdered her mother when she was two and offed himself in prison. Yikes. The Catfish crew didn’t know what to make of this, as they clearly aren’t paranormal hunters. When Kayla and the crew met up with Courtney, she told Kayla “You have your father’s eyes!”. WEIRD! While researching her, they found no possible connection between Kayla’s family and Courtney at all. Besides, Kayla (and he deceased father) lived in Ohio while Courtney lived in Florida. Courtney knew weird details about Kayla’s family, stating she knew Kayla’s mother was a stripper, and the father had slept with his foster mother. This episode was by far the creepiest and most out of character episode. This even made Max (the most skeptical person on the show) believe Courtney! The show ended kind of awkwardly, leaving on the note that Courtney really could talk to Kayla’s father on the other side…what do you think?

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