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The Cringiest Thing You’ll Ever See…

If you’re not familiar with what furries are, I envy you. Furries are a subculture of people (typically grown adults) who dress in intricate fur costumes one might assume would be from Chuck E. Cheese. These people often hand make their own costumes (which, I’ll give them a plus for that.) and can be anything from dogs to dragons. While it seems harmless, and most are, some furries typically tend to make their fandom…into a bit of a fetish. We’ve compiled the cringiest photos of furries so we can share the cringe with you.


Furry weddings. This is a thing. And if you were wondering why the walls look so odd, yes, they did get married in a local arcade. This is true.


Sexy furries; the manifestation of my nightmares.


When will my reflection show, Mulan?


V for very creepy…


Just a typical day at Wal Mart.


Huh. Didn’t know Zootopia specified her as a Trump supporter.


OK, there are RACIST FURRIES TOO?!?!?!


…Excuse me, while I go throw up.


The final stage of the furry kingdom.

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