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These Transgender Superstars Are Setting The Stage!

The entertainment industry has come very far the past few years. Films and music are becoming more and more inclusive to diversity, which is a wonderful thing! We’re gonna talk about stars who are transgender and setting the stage for future generations to come!


Kim Petras

Kim Petras is one of the youngest stars to transition at such an early age. She started transitioning in her early teens in her home country of Germany. After coming to the states, her music career has skyrocketed! She makes catchy dance music and has huge success worldwide. She even recently dropped a Halloween themed EP featuring Elvira HERSELF on one of the songs!


The Wachowskis

You probably know this dynamic sibling duo as the mastermind directors behind The Matrix, V for Vendetta, and Cloud Atlas. They have only started their transition in the past few years starting with Lana (left) and shortly followed by Lilly (right). They are conquering huge feats in being the first wildly successful trans film directors!


Laverne Cox

The GORGEOUS Laverne Cox is responsible for really shedding light on inclusivity for LGBTQ people in the film industry. She first appeared on Orange is The New Black being an openly transgender character on the show. She is loved and adored, and her career skyrocketted because of this. She even hosts the makeup competition show Glam Masters, and is a huge advocate for gay, trans, and women’s rights.


Chaz Bono

You may recognize Chaz as being the son of Sonny and Cher! Chaz was amongst one of the first celebrities to come out as openly trans. Chaz was mostly famous for being featured on his mother’s show during his childhood, but is now stepping back into the limelight after a fantastic role in American Horror Stroy: Cult. His promising career in acting isn’t dying out anytime soon!

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