How To Survive an Emergency

Whether or not you’ve been watching too many apocalyptic movies, it’s always good to know how to survive anywhere in case of an emergency. We always envision ourselves surviving an epidemic with guns or knives, fighting off zombies, vampires, maybe squirrels. But more importantly than those fantasies are the necessities you would need to be able to survive a situation for a long period of time. Here’s the most important survival tips you should know.



Water is a human necessity. The most you can survive without any water is 21 days, and that is if you’re lucky and healthy enough. Keeping a stockpile of water bottles in your house can help, but if you don’t have that, water can be found anywhere. If you’re in the woods, you can find water by finding moss. If there are moss on any trees, that’s a good sign that water is nearby. Moss can only grow near water. Once you find water, you will need to boil it in order to kill any dangerous bacteria so you can ingest it without any danger.



Finding food is harder than you think, even when you’re desperate. If you are able to catch any meat or fish, that’s great. However, in a dire situation, eating bugs can save your life. As gross as it seems, they are packed full of protein and can provide enough energy to keep moving. It’s an easier option than trying to figure out which wild berries or mushrooms are poisonous.



The elements can be one of the more deadly things you can encounter in an emergency. If you don’t have a shelter (we’ll get to that) any way of making fire, or another warm body to lay with, in case of an emergency burying yourself in dirt can mean the difference between life and death. Temperatures can drop drastically in forest settings, and lowering your chances of freezing yourself or getting pneumonia can be your best shot at seeing another day.



Hopefully you would have a tent or a sleeping bag, but if not, no worries. Find any fallen tree and use that as a shelter by gathering nearby branches to cover. Not only is finding a shelter going to keep you warm at night, but it is essential to hide yourself from any danger you may encounter in the night.

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