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How To Have Fun Being A Broke Bitch

If you’re in your 20’s, you know exactly how hard it is to have fun and save money. You see all of your friends going out, having a ball (maybe in Bali) yet you can’t even afford to go out for one night of drinks. It’s hard being broke with expensive taste. We have four ways to help you get back onto your feet towards that luxury lifestyle:



Clothes are not only a great way to re-vamp your style, but also to make money! Sites like Etsy and Depop allow everyday people to sell their old clothes and make something new out of it. You can also re-style old clothes to make them modern by looking up Youtube tutorials on how to cut and sew them into a new you. Plus, if you want to go shopping but can’t afford the prices, vintage and thrift stores actually have really cute pieces!



This is a big one. Nearly all of us look forward to the weekends when we can look our best at our new favorite bar. But the drinks are so expensive…so instead, you’re gonna make a trip to the store for your pre-game! CVS and Trader Joe’s have the cheapest alcohol you can find (you can basically buy a gallon of tequila at Trader Joes for $9!) and of course, Two Buck Chuck. Which is actually Charles Shaw wine that’s literally two dollars. Instead of paying for all of those money breaking martini’s at the bar, you’ll have your fix right before you go out for almost no money at all.



Traveling CAN be cheap, if you plan it correctly. Thankfully apps like AirBNB provide low budget places to stay that are still super nice. Thinking of going to Vegas? DO IT. You can stay at an AirBNB and if you search the #VegasPromoter tag on Instagram, you can message club promoters to get you in FOR FREE. Most of the time promoters need more people in their club to make the club look good. Skip the lines, and hit up Insta.



Having Friends Over

You might not realize it because of the glitz and glam of social media, but most of the time your friends are probably in the same financial boat as you. Invite them over (for said Two Buck Chuck) and dress up, have a photoshoot, play games. A great drinking game that requires no board at all is hide and seek in the dark. It’s alot of fun if you’re wasted and the first person who gets found has to take a shot, and thus the cycle continues.





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