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How To Stop Inappropriate Teacher-Student Relationships

Within the past decade or so, there have been several accounts of illegal teacher-student affairs. It seems as though more and more stories are becoming famous in mass media and more parents start to worry. Situations like these are usually started with suspicions and rumors and end in violent minded court battles.

Presumably, it would be better if we could just avoid these stressful, heartbreaking situations all together. The sooner you can see and recognize the signs, the better. The most difficult thing is differentiating teacher student friendship from teacher student affairs. It’s a given that most teachers want you to learn and rely on them for advice and help, as students expect it from them. It is nice to have someone to help you out if you have a problem and to make 7 hour long school days somewhat more comforting.

But when is it too far? Of course, teenagers spread rumors about teachers suspected of being pedophiles and gossiping for fun, but when should you know if these accusations are true or not? Generally teachers should not get in a ‘touching’ boundary. An occasional hand on the shoulder or back is often shrugged off as normal, though sometimes it may move on to more than that.

Kids Who Distance Themselves

If you sense that a student is spending a lot of ‘alone’ time after school, at lunch, etc. It’s normal for kids to hang out in classes during lunch, but some may find it odd if it is more one on one more often than it should be. There is nothing wrong with being friends with a teacher, but it shouldn’t necessarily be up to the extent of the teacher going out of there way to win over the approval of the student.



The “Buddy”

Often times teachers searching for this ‘kind’ of friendship will dress and act a lot younger than they are. They try to fit in and be the better ‘buddy’ and even side with you on issues with your friends or school drama.



How To Help

Teachers and students may even flirt and tease each other in front of other peers. If peers or anyone notices things like this, please do not be afraid to speak up. There are ways to report things anonymously. You can always send an anonymous text message to authorities or tell a trusted adult.

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