5 Fast Food Joints That Are HEALTHY?!

When we say healthy, we mean not as crappy for you as a quarter pounder might be. We know it’s hard being healthy in a rush, especially when you just don’t have time to make anything or have the money to spend on those Whole Foods visits. But, being healthy is actually easier than you’d think. Here’s 5 fast food joints that have some pretty healthy options.


Yes, Chipotle is healthy! If you’re careful. They pride themselves in the fact their food is (mostly) natural and GMO free. They have tons of salad options, and even the bowls are pretty healthy. You can opt for brown rice, and they even have soyrizo for vegetarians. Yum!



Their slogan is “eat fresh” for a reason. Subway’s sandwiches actually aren’t that bad, unless you load your sandwich full of hearty meats and cheeses. Subway has a ton of veggies to choose from, and you can get whole wheat bread as opposed to more starchy breads. If you’re going for a “light” meal, getting turkey or chicken is great to help you not feel so sluggish after a big meal.



Though the menu is mostly burgers and shakes, they also have pretty delicious healthy alternatives. They have a pretty nice selection of salads and wraps that aren’t boring and don’t feel like “forced” healthy food. Wendy’s is also a pretty cheap place that won’t hurt your wallet.



Starbucks isn’t necessarily known for their food as much as it’s known for their coffees and sweets, but Starbucks does the best job of keeping all sorts of healthy alternatives in stock! Not only do they serve salads and low car sandwiches, but they also prepare little packaged boxes full of healthy snack foods, like eggs, grapes, apples, crackers and cheeses. Starbucks is probably the best place to get a healthy lunch on the go if you want more options.


The Cheesecake Factory

Though this isn’t really considered “fast food”, Cheesecake is known for it’s holy bible of the never ending menu. Most of their items are high calorie comfort foods, however they now have a Skinnylicious menu, stocked with a whole restaurant’s worth of food on it. You can get anything you want off of that menu and know exactly how many calories are in each item (because they are listed.)

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