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Humans So Insane, You Won’t Believe It’s Real!

People love body modifications, whether it’s anywhere from piercing your ears to getting a tattoo. There are those that exist that tend to take it too far…For this piece, we’ll be looking at humans who have modified themselves so much, they aren’t even really human like anymore.


Tiamat Dragon Lady

Tiamat has dubbed herself “The Most Modified Transgender Person In The World” which is seemingly true. Tiamat has had a complete makeover to turn herself into a full on dragon. Not only does she pull this off with tattoos, but she has also had her tongue split, silicone horns implanted, and even cut off her nose to resemble a lizard.


Dennis Avner

Or “Stalking Cat” has spent well over $200,000 on his transformation into a tiger. He even held the world record in Guiness for “Most Procedures To Resemble An Animal”. Sadly, he never was able to transform himself to the finish, as he died at age 54 in 2012. He will always be remembered as setting the standard for body mods.


Erik Sprague

Known as “The Lizard Man”, Erik is a world renowned freak show performer. He is covered head to toe in lizard skin ink, complete with a split tongue, implants in his eyebrows, and even sharpened teeth. He has also been featured on many TV shows documenting him and his appearance.


Lucky Diamond Rich

Rich is known for being “The Most Tattooed Person In The World”, which the New Zealand native is famous for. He has everything, literally EVERYTHING tattooed. He even has ink on his mouth, ears, the inside of his eyelids and his foreskin. I’m sure those parts were very uncomfortable, but atleast Rich is happy with his appearance!

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