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Is The Flat Earth Theory That Bizarre?

Is the Flat Earth theory so bizarre? Sure, most of us might laugh at it, because we’ve all heard the theory. We’ve all heard about the crazy people on the internet going on and on about the earth being flat. it’s so ridiculous and against everything we’ve ever been taught that it’s difficult to even hear their arguments. I’m almost embarrassed to admit it but I decided to do a little research, mainly just for a few laughs, and now I can’t say for sure that the earth is round.

We spoke with an avid Flat Earth conspirator and he gave us some reasons as to why it might be true:

“The history goes as such, it was Pythagoras who first proposed that the Earth was round sometime around 500 B.C.  He formulated his hypothesis by proving the moon to be round by observing the shape of the terminator (the line between the part of the Moon in light and the part of the Moon in the dark) as it moved through its orbital cycle. Pythagoras reasoned that if the Moon was round, then the Earth must be round as well. It wasn’t until 350 BC, that Aristotle declared that the Earth to be a sphere (based on his observations about which constellations were visible in the sky as you travelled further and further away from the equator). Since then this has been common knowledge and widely known as fact.

Now in recent years there has been an uprising of people who quite anarchically believe the earth to be flat. Their theory proposes that the earth is a flat plane, often shown as a disk, where all known parts of the world lie on top of this disc and are entirely surrounded by a thick ice wall, or as we call it Antartica.

I know it sounds absolutely insane, but after hearing out the arguments of these “flat-earthers” I can’t say that I can prove them wrong.

Here are the three arguments I heard that have me in a very uncomfortable neutral position on the argument of Earth being flat or spherical.”




“Access to Antartica is extremely limited and can only be achieved with extreme government intervention. On December 1st 1959 the Antarctic treaty was signed in by the twelve countries who had active engagements in Antarctica at the time. The treaty covered many things but at the surface it appeared to be an agreement to ensure that Antarctica remain a peaceful land that was owned by nobody in particular. It forbids any sort of Military use, specifically nuclear and other weapons testings, military bases, etc. The treaty in a way dedicates Antartica as a place of scientific observation. Seems all fine and dandy, nothing to be worried about right? Then why is access to Antarctica is restricted by the Antarctic Treaty? If you want to organize your own trip or expedition there, you will have to request permission from the government of your own country. You will have to show that you will be completely self sufficient and have a very good reason for wanting to go which will have little or no environmental impact, you will have to show exactly how you will do this. If you can’t do these things, you will be denied permission and will be breaking the law (of your own country) if you just go anyway, you will also be breaking the law if you stay longer than you said you would or otherwise do anything against the Antarctic Treaty.

This all seems like a reasonable attempt of preventing ill-prepared civilians from dying in a harsh and uninhabited land. But if you look at it from a Flat-Earther’s perspective it seems like a well hidden plan to keep civilians from exploring the edge of our planet and there-fore providing proof of a flat earth.”


Round Earth Photos

“This again sounds a bit outrageous but it is absolutely true and has left me just a little skeptical of what we actually know about this planet.

All of the information we get about the earth, the moon, and space as whole comes from the government entity known as NASA. This means that any and all information that is to be revealed to the greater public regarding our planet and it’s relationship to the surrounding universe is filtered through the government’s judgement of what we should know and how we should know it, and even sometimes when we should know it. All of the images of earth seen from space are provided courtesy of NASA. The interesting fact about these photos is that none of them are entirely accurate. In short they are all photo-shopped, and this is a fact that is admitted by NASA itself. The reason being is that in order to see the planet as a whole it must be photo-shopped. The photos we see of earth are what is known as a “composite”. This means that they are a collection of smaller images placed together to form what looks like a single image. The reason we have to do this is because we have yet to travel far enough away from earth to see it as a whole. The international space station which is the entity that takes these photos can only see roughly 3% of the earths surface at any given time. so in order to take these large breathtaking stills of the planet, they take thousands of photos along their orbit and manipulate them in the end to create the product that we are so familiar with. This all seems pretty well explained but what gets me skeptical is that we are forced to trust the word of NASA and therefore our government. After growing doubts of the 69′ moon landing, failure to return to the moon, and the secrecy behind places such as Area 51 it becomes difficult to wholeheartedly trust the word of NASA and our government as a whole.”



United Nations Symbol

“Have you ever taken a good look at the United Nations symbol? It’s a little erie once you look at it from a flat-earther’s perspective. What at first looks to be a pair of olive branches surrounding a world map quickly becomes something more sinister with just a second look. So what we are looking at here is a flat circular plane with what appears to be the familiar land masses of our planet. the land masses however have a warped look about them and that is because this is them being represented in a flat earth perspective. Surrounding the earth is large white masses or what is conspired to be the Antarctic ice wall. maybe this is just a coincidence but it sure made me wonder why the world government would represent our world in such an “impossible” way.”

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