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Most Messed Up Movies of ALL TIME

If you love a good scare, or your more intense and just enjoy a good MESSED UP movie, we’ve compiled a list of our picks for the most f*&*@# up movies, horror and non horror alike. Be sure to grab a friend and be warned…



For any of you who know who Lars Von Trier is, you know how messed up his films can be. If you’re not familiar, Lars is a filmmaker known for having incredibly creepy messed up films. Every movie he’s made is insanely nerve wrecking. Our pick for his most messed up film however, is Antichrist. Antichrist follows the story of two parents who have lost their child and their slow descent into madness. Be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart.




Martyrs is a french film made for the true horror fan. The movie is horrifying from start to finish, with a storyline that twists and turns almost as much as the gore does. This takes the brutality of Saw and the spookiness of The Ring onto a whole other level.


Requiem For A Dream

Though it’s not technically a horror, this dark drama has enough terrifyingly real sequences to make it feel like one. The story follows different drug addicts and the unfortunate lives these people lead in their struggle for their next high. Darren Aronofsky masters psychological trauma in all of his movies, but triumphs it in this film.


A Serbian Film

This is NOT an enjoyable film. This is essentially a smut film. But, if you’re numb to horror movies and you’re ready for the next level, this film may be for you. The scenes that take place in this film are of unspeakable acts, and most people tend to throw up, if they haven’t turned off the TV at that point.


Cannibal Holocaust

This film has been banned in many countries, and people actually convicted the director of murder because of how realistic these deaths were in the film. Though he never did kill anyone, they did actually kill the animals that were shown in this film. If you are an animal lover, stay FAR away from this movie.

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