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Most Tragic Celebrity Deaths

Death itself is hard to comprehend for most of us. We usually choose to avoid the inevitability and sadness altogether just to live out our normal lives. When it comes to celebrity deaths, it seems like it would feel distant since we don’t normally know these people, yet we can’t help but feel completely heartbroken by those who have inspired us. Here is a list of the most tragic celebrity deaths.
Princess Diana Princess Diana was one of the most beloved political icons ever. Her marriage to Prince Charles didn’t live forever, but her heart and spirit brought people together in a way that hadn’t been done by a royal before. Diana was gracious and charitable, she brought to light the many hardships of those suffering with HIV, back when not much was known about the disease. Diana died on August 31st 1997 in a car crash in a tunnel while visiting Paris. Her boyfriend and driver died as well, leaving only one survivor. Her funeral was broadcast and reached 32 million viewers, one of the most viewed events in UK history.
John Lennon John Lennon was the frontman of the most famous band in the world, The Beatles. John’s music touched audiences for decades, even to this day. John often preached about love and peace, especially during the Vietnam War. On December 8th 1980, John was shot down by Mark Chapman in apartment building lobby in New York. Chapman had approached Lennon earlier that day for an autograph, and sadly returned to assassinate him. John’s music and messages live on to this day, and for may more years to come.
Brandon Lee Brandon Lee was a rising star, and was the son of Bruce Lee. Brandon’s career unfortunately didn’t last as long as it should have. Brandon was an incredible martial artist and actor. While filming “The Crow”, Brandon was shot accidentally with a prop gun during a fight scene on March 31st 1993. The gun was supposed to be emptied out for the scene, however a dummy bullet had been lodged into the .44 Magnum. Since Lee was so close to the gun, the bullet penetrated as lethally as a regular bullet. Lee later died after being rushed to the hospital. While most of the film was finished, stunt doubles were used in scenes of the movie that unfortunately Lee was not in.

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