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Most Unbelievably INSANE Injuries EVER! (EXTREMELYGRAPHIC)

We’ve all done stupid things in stupid situations that harm our bodies. Sometimes we think were invincible and immune to death, and sometimes we’re lucky and just get out of a situation with a a paper cut. However, nature does always shows us incredible circumstances to prove us wrong. Here we have some injuries that could have been avoided with caution, but unfortunately were not. These photos are here to show the dangers of everyday activities. WARNING: These images are EXTREMELY GRAPHIC. If you are sensitive to gore, I advise you exit this article.

Bonfire Burn

This man had a bonfire in his backyard and wanted to keep the fire alive as it was burning out. He squirted GASOLINE FLUID all over the fire and of course, that fire bounced back onto him. With burns like these, skin slippage is common, which quite obviously means your skin is literally falling off of your body.


Please…wear warm clothes in the winter! This person was in the snow (barefoot, lord knows why) for only about 30 minutes. However, when temperatures are so low, frostbite can move pretty quickly. The temperature here was 0 degrees. If he’s lucky, he may be able to keep his toes, but frostbite normally kills limbs pretty quickly due to loss of blood flow, and once those limbs turn black, they’re done for.


There are laws against fireworks for a reason. Every year around the 4th of July, the ER is flooded with firework related injuries. This man lit a firework and held on to it a little too long, it of course exploded in his hand. Though this looks graphic, it’s not a death sentence. During injuries like this, it’s important to place a tourniquet near the affected area so the injured won’t bleed out. Though he won’t have his hand anymore, he’ll live.

Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle’s are incredibly fun, but should be ridden with extreme caution. This woman was a passenger on a bike when an oncoming vehicle hit her and dragged her body across the road. Unfortunately, she did not make it. She was dragged so harshly, her entire chest was shred to the muscle. Whether your riding a motorcycle or driving next to one, please be cautious and aware, it could just save a life.

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