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Every Movie Reference Ariana Used in “Thank U, Next”

Ariana Grande’s music video “Thank U, Next” has reached a whopping 119 MILLION views on youtube. Sorry, Pete Davidson. Not only was this song a love/hate relationship diss (or miss) towards her exes, but it was also an homage to classic early 2000’s rom com movies. We’ve broken down all of movies she references in Thank U, Next.


Mean Girls (Obviously)

Most of the video consists of scenes inspired by Mean Girls, including the burn book, the Jingle Bell Rock dance, and even the beginning which includes celebrities talking about how much they idolize her (or, Regina George.) Even AARON SAMUELS is in it!



Bring It On

Ariana and her friends cheer on the football field as the Toros, even bringing in cameo’s of the famous quarrels between them and the Compton Clovers. People are obsessing over the tribute, with even Gabrielle Union (Compton Clover cheer captain in the film) raving about the scene!


Legally Blonde

The second half of the video features mostly scenes from Legally Blonde, as she plays Elle Woods studying her way to the top of Harvard to get revenge on her ex (kinda similar to the song.) Ariana even brings in actress Jennifer Coolidge (who you’ll remember as the sassy Paulette) for the infamous “bend…and snap!” scene. Reese Witherspoon reached out to Ariana via Twitter stating a funny quote from the movie.


13 Going on 30

Though Ariana references this film, we still think there should have been more of it. The only scene Ariana does with the movie is a scene towards the end where a sad Jenna Rink sits and holds her magic dream house crying. Despite it’s lack of scenes from this film, it was a very sweet homage and even had Mark Ruffalo commenting via Twitter that he was eating Razzles in honor of Ariana (not a candy, not a gum.)

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