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Only Millennials Will Remember These Crazy Toys

Technology has come a long way since we were kids. Millennials were part of the last generation to not grow up with iPhones and iPads. Kids today will never know the excitement of receiving a Tomagatchi, or the thrill of riding Razor Scooters. Here’s a cheers to the best toys and games that made millennial upbringing great.

Polly Pocket

Before Polly was a three inch tall doll with rubber clothes, she was actually the size of your thumbnail. The reason she was name Polly Pocket was because of her adorable miniature house you could put her in and bring her around everywhere you went in your pocket!

Troll Dolls

Probably one of the creepier toys of the 90’s, these freaky little naked trolls were in EVERY cool kid’s room, as a statement piece of course. I’ve never actually seen anyone play with these things, but they definitely made for an interesting nightstand topper.

Mexican Jumping Beans

I don’t know about you guys, but these things were the closest thing to witchcraft I ever experienced as a child. These were an absolute hit in the 90’s onto the earl 2000’s, but most kids didn’t understand why these beans were so jumpy! The reason behind that is very disturbing…did you know there are actual LARVAE in the beans? The beans start jumping in an attempt to move into a cooler area so they don’t overheat. Is it me, or were these toys low key animal abuse?

Tech Decks

Before skater kids were skaters, they were deckers. Every cool dude in school pulled out sick finger ollies in the middle of class. If you didn’t have one of these, you were probably just a normie.


Remember what we said about the troll dolls and how they were the creepiest? We take that back- FURBIES were the creepiest toy ever. Though they were super cute and chatty, they required alot of work and even had to be fed…While these things resemble Gremlins, they aren’t so different from them. Alot of parents thought Furbies were recording conversations (similar to current day Alexa) and even worried for their child’s safety around these. Furbies are super cute, but if you’re super paranoid about what might be listening in on you, you probably avoided these as a kid.

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