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Party Drinks That Keep You Thin!

Going out and having fun isn’t always easy on the waistline, especially if your’e trying to diet. Beers and sugary drinks are packed FULL of carbohydrates, and the sad thing is you don’t even know how much you’re intaking! So, were here to help you for your next drink, whether you’re going out or staying in.


Skinnygirl cocktails were started by Bethany Frankel, whom you might recognize if you watch Housewives of New York. Skinnygirl offers a number of different kind of drinks that are super low calorie and can satisfy any sweet tooth! These drinks only have 100 calories per serving.


White wine typically has less calories than red wines, and is the perfect drink to end your day. It’s light, refreshing, and isn’t going to bloat you up like most drinks would. Not that wine in general is the worst of any alcohol, but if you are having wine, stick to a Chardonnay or a Riesling.


If you want a quick buzz without the price or fat, vodka is the way to go. Vodka has less calories than most hard liquors, but can taste kind of lame on it’s own. If you want to avoid extra calories, get seltzer water and a lime with it. Avoid mixing it with sugary fruit juices, and if the seltzer isn’t enough you are allowed to have some Diet Coke with it, it won’t kill ya.


If the mix is prepared correctly, Bloody Mary’s are a great drink to fill you up without the loaded carbs. Unlike most cocktails, Bloody Mary’s are more savory and don’t have as much added sugars as other drinks. Spices and tabasco are also good for not putting on too much weight, which this drink packs ALOT of!

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