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People Got Plastic Surgery to Look Like WHO?!

Plastic surgery is almost becoming a norm in the past decade. Most people get simple surgeries; lip fillers, botox, dental work. But there are some people who take their surgeries to the extreme, almost to the point they want to look like SOMEONE ELSE. Here are some people who got plastic surgery to look like celebrities:


Tobias Strebel (Justin Bieber)

35 year old Tobias wanted so much to look like his idol Justin Bieber that he paid nearly $113,000 to look like him. Though Tobias is obviously alot older than Justin, Tobias felt that he needed to achieve a younger, cuter more innocent look like Justin’s.

Jordan James Parke (Kim Kardashian)

Jordan has spent $170,000 to become the self proclaimed “Kim Kardashian look-alike”. Jordan has received so many lip fillers that surgeons have to turn him away from receiving more injections in fear that his lips will actually EXPLODE. Not sure what Kim Kardashian thinks, but I’d say she wouldn’t see much of a resemblance…


Bryan Ray (Britney Spears)

Bryan Ray has dedicated his life to turning himself into Britney Spears for the past decade, spending $100,000 to look like the pop star. He even spends most of his time taking dance lessons to further his transformation into Britney.


Adam Daniel (Madonna)

What started out as just a hobby, Adam Daniel took his Madonna obsession to the max when he had surgeries to turn himself into a full time Madonna impersonator. Spending $75,000 on surgeries, he also takes dance lessons like Bryan Ray to become more like Madonna. He has had issues with his family in the past, as they are concerned he is losing his own identity to being Madonna 24/7.

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