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Real Ghosts That Were Caught on Snapchat

It’s ironic that the app Snapchat can catch ghosts in plain sight, with it’s logo being a ghost itself. Have you ever tried the face swap filter on Snapchat? Sometimes it can recognize things that aren’t faces…but maybe something more sinister. Here’s the creepiest things ever caught on Snapchat.

Though this one isn’t very spooky, it could very well be the ghost of a very tall husky dog.

A student caught this on snapchat on accident, but if you look closely you can see the outlines of a woman in a white dress…

Kids often talk to themselves and have make believe friends…but what if they were talking to someone real? Kids are often more in tune with the spirit world…

This girl was taking an innocent selfie in her room when she caught this in the window…when she turned around, it vanished.

You can definitely see this ghost with the naked eye…

There’s no lying here – THAT’S A GHOST. You can see the face and everything! Next time you turn your camera on by yourself, you should probably make sure you’re really alone…

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