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Cat Breeds That Will SHOCK You!

When it comes to breeding cats and dogs, people go above and beyond. Breeds of cats and dogs that probably should never exist, and wouldn’t exist in the wild are formed with all types of different breeds within their species. We found the WEIRDEST cat breeds ever, and broke them down for you:


Oriental Shorthair

These huge eared cats are descendants from the Siamese breed, with exaggerated features and looooong limbs! These cats are very agile, and most of them often resemble Doby from Harry Potter.


Exotic Shorthair

These cuties are meant to be a short-haired version of the Persian cat. They are incredibly sweet and can be a bit shy. Though they have short hair, the density is super thick and soft. The only downer about this cat is that science didn’t do them too much justice with their breathing problems, due to their flat face and tiny nose.



Believe it or not, the Lykoi mutation actually happened NATURALLY, spanning from domesticated short hair cats. How this happened, we have no clue. The Lykoi often goes by the nickname “The Werewolf Cat” because of it’s wolf like features. If you’ve ever wanted a baby werewolf, maybe this odd breed is for you.



Probably the most famous breed of “strange”, the Sphynx is the perfect cat for if you have cat allergies! They are non hypo-allergenic, due to their obvious lack of fur. Though they are great companions, they are alot of work. They need special baths and lotion to protect their fragile skins, and also sometimes sweaters in case they get cold.

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