Snakes As Big As A HOUSE?!

Snakes are commonly people’s worst fear, alongside spiders and airplanes for a good reason. Though most of them can be relatively harmless towards humans, there are still breeds of snakes that are mysterious poisonous killers, capable of attacking animals and people of any size. We’ve found the BIGGEST snakes around to give you nonstop nightmares for a year!

This Anaconda was discovered in South America at a whopping 39.4 feet long! It was so large and heavy, it took 10 people JUST TO CARRY IT. Talk about terrifying.

Would a lion or a snake win in a fight? Unfortunately, the answer this time is snake. Lions are one of the fiercest predators around, but even this killer was beaten by the gigantic Anaconda. Could you imagine a snake that could bring down a lion? Even we asked ourselves “OMG is this Real?!”

This is the appropriate time to ask if the Loch Ness monster is actually real…Whether or not this is a snake or a demon from hell, we don’t know. All we know is, whatever lake this thing was lurking, you probably won’t want to bring your kids there anymore. 

If you happen to find any proof of snakes BIGGER than THESE, please feel free to send some photos in!

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