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Texas Zoo Will Feed an Animal a Cockroach Named After Your Ex

Are you single? Looking for the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day despite your hate for it? Look no further!

El Paso Zoo will be hosting a live televised event on Valentine’s day in which they feed meerkats cockroaches, and you get to name the food! You can name them after anyone really, preferably someone you don’t like. You simply message the zoo via facebook the name of your chosen roach, and then patiently wait and watch as your chosen cockroach is fed for slaughter. By adorable meerkats only.

The event will be on Facebook live, and is a fun and vengeful way to celebrate. Grab a couple of your best pals and send in some names for a fun way to cope with this terrible holiday. The zoo will also start posting the chosen names of exes on social media days before the event. Make sure you hit them up quickly before they run out of roaches!

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