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The Aliens You Should Be Scared Of

It might be a bit ignorant to say that we are alone in the universe. We are one amongst trillions of different planets and star systems in the known galaxies. Whether you believe in aliens or not, these sightings of the different types of alien creatures around our planet might be something more than science fiction…


Though many people joke about Reptilian people inhabiting celebrities and presidents, there are alot of people that take this threat seriously. There are even conspiracies stating that Miley Cyrus is one of them! These are known to be “shape shifters” and started getting alot of heat in the early 60’s after numerous accounts of sightings and abductions were blamed on these scaly creatures. They are thought to be able to blend into society easily as some think they are “humanoids”.

The Greys

The most popular looking aliens in science fiction movies and conspiracies, these are the kinds that are thought to have been captured and sighted in Roswell and Area 51. They have big heads, about a meter tall, smooth grey skin and huge black eyes. Though their motives are unknown, these beings are said to have been the ones that have abducted the most people.

The Anunnaki

These are amongst one of the oldest recorded races that have visited our world. They are depicted in biblical writings and drawings of early Babylonia and Mesopatamia. Theses beings were thought to be Gods, helping or judging human kind. Mesopatamians believed that they hailed from Heaven itself, and got most of the idea about Heaven from these interactions with the Anunnaki.

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