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The Best Public Meltdowns Caught On Tape!

For most of us, going out in public and minding our own business is essential to leading a normal life. There are those few however, that tend to take a different approach to interacting with one another. Whether it’s harassing customer service workers, or fighting about whether or not they can own a raccoon, we’re just lucky these were caught on tape. Enjoy!

  1. A pedophile caught in the act!

While this necessarily isn’t a freak out, it’s enjoyable to watch someone catching a predator, especially since Chris Hansen’s show isn’t around anymore. These men caught this guy in the act as he drove to what he thought was a fourteen year old girl’s house after soliciting sex photos to her. The men then confess they started the little girls account to catch perverts like him.

(Courtesy of Public Freakout Videos) View here at time frame 2:21:

2. This goblin thinks you suck at playing music

This strange little fellow went FULL meltdown when he approached a man playing his instrument. The little man claimed he was a musician himself, and kept telling the street performer that he “sucked”. He continued to harass the performer for quite some time, all the while being entertaining.

(Courtesy of Top Things) View here at time frame 9:49:

3. This Santa Monica woman thinks PDA is prostitution

This lady is a bit famous in Los Angeles, she’s been recorded a few times for having strange public outbursts. This day particularly, she accused a couple in line of prostitution and other harsh words for simply giving a kiss on the forehead to one another in line. When other patrons got involved, she went off.

(Courtesy of HTMLOL) View here:

4. The great tweaker neighbor

This man caught his crazy neighbor digging a hole in the ground under his fence, and after confronting her, she says he “is constantly molesting her.” I think the video can speak for itself…

(Courtesy of R. Paul Gordon) View here:

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