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The Most SCARY Legends About Disneyland

Though Disneyland maybe donned as “The Happiest Place On Earth” there is ALOT of sketchy stuff that goes down there. There’s been people who have died, been covered up, and all sorts of secrets lurking in the park. They go above and beyond to immurse their customers in the escapism of the park, even planes aren’t ALLOWED to fly over! Here are some of the spookiest legends and myths that haunt the park…



There have definitely been instances the public has heard about when it comes to people that have died on Disneyland ride, but did you know that TWO people have died on the Matterhorn ride? The first person died in 1964 when Mark Maples, a fifteen year old, removed his seatbelt and tried to stand up on the ride. Of course that didn’t end well. But then twenty years later, it happened AGAIN when another woman’s seatbelt came undone. She was thrown from the cart and her head was crushed beneath the wheels. The Yeti on that ride isn’t the only thing to be afraid of…


Walt Disney’s Body Is In The Park

We’ve all heard the rumors that Walt Disney had frozen himself, and whether or not that’s true, legend goes like this: Disney was dying from Lung Cancer, and wanted to seek a cure. He knew that there wouldn’t be a cure for maybe another fifty years after his death, so he had himself frozen, so he could hypothetically become un-frozen when a cure was found. That itself is strange, but some people even believe his body is hidden in the Pirates of The Caribbean ride!


The Haunted Mansion Ride is Haunted

People believe that the Haunted Mansion ride is actually haunted! There have also been rumors that Walt Disney’s head is in the crystal ball of the Haunted Mansion ride (but you also just read a different theory about his whereabouts). People often complain about feeling weird chills that aren’t supposed to be there, and even getting trapped in their ride buggy’s. I mean, if you’ve ever been on the ride, that thing breaks down like every five minutes. There was one 89 year old woman who even broke her hip getting off of the ride, claiming it was a “ghost” that was holding her down! The ride was delayed from being opened for quite a while after the park initially opened, and some question as to why, even thinking “strange experiments” happened in there.



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