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The Most SHOCKING Animal Breeds Alive!

Most animals are pretty cute in our eyes. We tend to favor certain animals that we deem “cuter” than most, like cats, dogs, bunny rabbits, etc. But we also forget that there are hundreds of species of animals that are absolutely TERRIFYING looking. There are so many species of animals, most of you reading this have probably never seen alot of these animals we are listing. Here’s our list for the most shocking animal breeds alive!


Japanese Spider Crab

This terrifying crab is named after a spider for a reason. This type of crab is indigenous to shallow waters of (you guessed it), Japan. Though these crabs usually grow to about three feet long, some of these crabs can reach up to TWELVE FEET in length! The only people this won’t terrify are people who really enjoy eating crab legs…


Giant Softshell Turtle

Seeing a turtle without a shell just seems so…wrong. These weird little creatures are native to Vietnam and China, and sadly, they are endangered. Though they are incredibly odd looking, we just can’t help but feel bad for them.


Star Nosed Mole

This is the stuff nightmares are made from. No, the star nosed Mole is not apart of a John Carpenter movie. These weird little moles are scary, but harmless to humans. They usually diet on worms and other insects, and kind of keep to themselves in the wetlands. Why their noses look like that? No clue.


Goblin Shark

These horrifying sharks live deep, deep in the ocean (thank God.) These things are long living fossils, dating lineage back to over 125 million years ago. Thankfully, because of how deep they live, you’ll probably never come across one of these.



These…are…snakes? Or…something else…but these things live deep in the Brazilian forests, and were re-discovered in 2011 by scientists who literally stumbled upon them. How these things eat, see, or do whatever else is a mystery. I’m just curious as to how they’ve survived this long…

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