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The Movies You Quote The Most

As kids, most of us would hit rewind on our video cassettes immeditaley after we were done with a movie just to live through it again. That’s probably why you are so easily able to quote Mulan without even having it on your screen. Even throughout adulthood, there are staple classics of movies being quoted to where you know EXACTLY what movie and what scene someone is referencing. Here are the most quotable movies you know.


This classic tale had you singing Smash Mouth lyrics from childhood to adulthood. Even though it came out in the early 2000’s, today’s youth is still falling in love with our heroic ogre. It just reminds us that “Ogres have layers.”

Mean Girls

This movie is probably the most quoted movie of the millennial generation. Tina Fey’s witty and satiracal writing about high school cliques had us laughing out loud and still saying “SHE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE!” whenever we see someone we don’t like.

Napoleon Dynamite

This movie was forgotten before it should have been, but was still a massive hit for a long period of time after it released. It was hard to go anywhere without seeing someone sporting a Vote For Pedro shirt. This hilariously dumb movie centering a midwestern outcast might not have had much plot, but it had more than enough witty lines to be memorable.

Step Brothers

Let’s face it; any Will Ferrell movie is a quotable movie. Will’s improvisations are so outrageous and out there, it’s hard to believe he’s as old as he is. His childish humor matching the talents of John C. Reily had us laughing out loud long after leaving the theater. That movie was the f****** Catalina Wine Mixer!

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