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These Medical Conditions Are No Myth!

Humans have come a long way in medicine and science. We used to be able to die from simple things like razor cuts or poisonous wallpaper (yes, that happened in the 1800’s.) But now thanks to modern medicine, we no longer have fears over old sicknesses. However, we still have a far way to go to cure these conditions. Here’s some of the strangest conditions we’ve seen that are still around today.

Harlequin Syndrome

This condition is genetic and affects only a few hundred of our current population. It is most easily described as an autonomic nervous system disorder. Those born with the syndrome can’t naturally flush out sweat or moisture through their skin, causing their skin to crack easily and give the appearance of burns. Those suffering with the condition must apply lotions and bandages multiple times a day throughout their lifetime.


This is also an incredibly rare disease that covers most of the body with hundreds of benign tumors. Though the tumors are mostly harmless, it can be very embarrassing for those who suffer when it comes to self esteem. It’s hard to remove all of the tumors (as they grow so many in bundles) but sometimes some of them can be removed if they are really hurting in certain areas.

“Tree Person” Syndrome

Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis is amongst one of the most bizarre syndromes out there. Similar to Neurofibromatosis, the body grows wart-like tumors, instead in this condition, the tumors resemble bark from a tree. People once thought that this condition was caused by getting an infected cut from a tree. Though that’s just a myth, this condition resembles just that. People with this condition also have a weak immune system and are susceptible to HPV.

“Mermaid Syndrome”

Sirenomelia (named oh so cleverly after sirens of the sea) is a congenital deformity affecting those born with legs bound together. Almost like siamese twins, it can be incredibly hard to seperate the limbs surgically. Though it’s possible, the few born with this deformity end up living a normal life in a wheelchair.

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