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This Slang is From WHO?!

Over the past decade the LGBTQ drag queen culture has become more apparent through pop culture, largely in part due to Ru Paul’s Drag Race becoming a hit show. Most of us use slang on the daily that has been donned by notorious drag culture. Drag has been around since forever, and we even use terms that started in the late seventies and eighties from the Harlem ballroom scene. Here’s slang you probably use (or definitely have heard) that were made famous by fabulous queens!



Of course, this saying is probably the most famous drag line. You may see this saying all over social media, with the meaning of it being literally to SLAY a look. You can use the term in any which way, but most importantly when you’re feeling glamorous. Alot of celebrities, including Gaga often use this term.



“Bye Felicia”

A form of diss, made famous by the movie “Friday”. Bye Felicia is what you would say to a person who is less than, or just someone getting on your nerves that you would rather forget.


“Beat for the GODS”

“Beating” is when you apply your makeup in a fierce way, a term that is used in drag to describe one’s makeup. One might ridicule one’s beat, or if someone’s beat is amazing, they are BEAT FOR THE GODS!



The LGBTQ community has been notorious for using terms that are offensive and turning them into a terms that they take back and empower. Hunty is a cross between the term of endearment ‘honey’ and the not so friendly term ‘c***’. Hunty can be a term for a loved one, or of course if you are telling someone off and say it sarcastically.



This term is ‘thrown’ by nearly most of today’s youth. The term is made famous from the film “Paris is Burning” that documents the lives of young drag and trans youth that ran the ballroom scene in Harlem. Throwing shade is a term that one uses when talking about someone who has insulted them or gossiped about them. “She is throwing shade” can mean one even made a rude gesture towards someone.



The tea is T for truth; made super popular amongst twitter, spilling the tea is alot like spilling the beans, a truth or a juicy secret that can have one SHOOK.



Though this is an old drag term, Ru Paul made this line famous in her show and uses this term when she is congratulating queens by giving them another opportunity to hold their place in the competition.

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