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This Woman Married Her Zombie Doll?!

We all know the cold hard truth; finding love is hard, sometimes nearly impossible. There are some lucky couples find each other and live happily ever after. But what about those who find love in other places? Some people find it easier to love something that might be inanimate instead of playing the dating game.

Take Felicity Kadlec for instance. This 19 year old woman wed her zombie doll, named “Kelly” at a family home in Rhode Island. Felicity revealed that she had gotten the doll at age 13, and fought her feelings hard against her love for the doll. Not only is Kelly a doll, but half of her mouth is missing because she’s a zombie. Her teeth and tongue are exposed and covered in fake blood. Kelly isn’t her only doll, however.

Felicity has collected other dolls as well, all zombies of course. And yes, they all did have a part in the wedding. While Kelly the doll looks like a child, Felicity argues that the doll is “37 years old”. While we can sit and make fun of her, we really do feel for her. For some people, it’s hard to find a connection. There are even people who claim themselves as “objectiphiles” which is the sexual attraction towards inanimate objects. There are a small few group of people who are “married” or just in relationships with buildings, roller coasters, cars, and even the BERLIN WALL. Yeah, that happened.

We really do hope the best for Felicity and Kelly, while most think it’s odd, at least she was able to find love.

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