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Twenty Year Old Dies After Eating 5 Day Old Pasta

A twenty year old student in Belgium was found dead this past week after eating bacteria filled spaghetti. Parents of the student found him in his college dorm the following morning and autopsied his body to find the pasta he had eaten contained Bacillus Cereus, a bacteria commonly associated with extreme food poisoning.

According to friends, the student (identity not revealed to public) ate the spaghetti after it had been sitting outside of the refrigerator for 5 days. As it is common knowledge to most, some unfortunately aren’t familiar that bacteria and fungus grows rapidly onto food if not kept in a cool place. He later complained about having severe stomach pain as well as watery diarrhea, and chose to go home instead of his local hospital.

The obvious symptom found in the autopsy besides the bacteria intake was a decayed liver, likely accommodating the reason of death. This tragedy will hopefully remind those to keep their food refrigerator safe for no longer than a couple of days, and to always sanitize your kitchen to avoid deadly bacterial growth.

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