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Vine Stars Who Are Still Famous

The day the app Vine ended was a grim day for the world. Most of us turned to Vine seeking an escape to cheerfulness over the course of watching a six second video. Many people became stars on Vine, and many of them faded away as the app ended. Although Vine is over, your favorite viners are still making content on other platforms.


Casey Frey

Casey Frey was actually a discovered dancer who has worked on many music videos and even starred in a Skrillex video. He is hilarious, and has the moves to prove it. His sarcasm is unmatched on the lengths of comedy he will go to. He still makes laugh out loud content and it’s obvious this start doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.


Nash Grier

Though Nash’s content was somewhat cringey, he proved his worth by starring in movies after his vine career ended. Nash holds a promising future in the film industry and still goes above and beyond to prove to his fans that he is still around.


The Paul Brothers

Logan Paul was under fire last year as he posted footage of him filming a dead body in a forest in Japan. Though he is still famous regardless, it is actually Jake Paul who came out on top. Jake has had a troubled past as well, but is proving to the world that he is becoming a better person. Shane Dawson even recently made a mini docu series following Jake and getting him to confront his past and inner demons.


Lele Pons

Though many people don’t find Lele Pon’s content funny (at all) she is still adored by millions, mostly of younger ages. Lele now makes an immense amount of money off of instagram comedy videos, with a following of 31 million people. Fans eagerly await to see if she will be able to pull of a lasting career with instagram, or if maybe she will choose another social media platform.


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