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7 Weirdest Jobs In The World

“You can be whatever you want when you grow up” is a statement were all familiar with hearing during our childhood. But what if your dream was to be a professional dog surfing trainer? Or a professional cuddler? If there is a market for it, you can make a job out of it. Here are the strangest jobs in the world we have found.



Let’s face it; being in charge isn’t always easy. And for alot of people, it’s even harder to say you’re sorry. That’s why in Japan, companies have been hiring person apologizers to do their dirty work for them. These people will personally go on your behalf to apologize to those you’ve wronged. All for $240.



Dog Surf Lessons

Over the past decade, dog surfing competitions have become a riot for tourist attractions. And because of that, you can find personal dog surf instructions in San Diego to teach your furry friend to ride the waves with you.




Train Pushers

Japan seems to be infamous for strange occupations. Because there are so many people trying to get to work on time, officers are hired to literally help CRAM as many people as possible into subway cars. The subway systems of Japan should be avoided if your claustrophobic.



Cremation Artist

Artists are finding new ways to create with out of the ordinary items constantly. The strangest medium however, would be your loved ones own ashes. Starting at $700, artists will create a portrait of the deceased using the ash charcoal of their remains. It’s definitely an interesting way to remember someone.



Breath Smeller

Yes, you do get paid for this. In order to test breath fresheners, someone has to first smell the before stink. How it works; people will smell your breath before a freshener product, judge it on a numerical scale, and then judge your breath AFTER you have taken the mint product. Gross yet? But hey, it’s a job.



Professional Cuddlers

Yes, there are platonic cuddling agencies out there. These companies offer “Professional Cuddlers”, people who will come to your house and cuddle you for x amount of time. It’s considered a therapy session for lonely people and a time for those to open up. It starts from $80 an hour. If you’re wanting something more romantic however, you’ll probably have to seek elsewhere for those type of snuggles.  




Professional Bed Warmer

That’s right. One woman in London makes her dough by rolling around hotel beds before guests arrive, preparing them for warmth and comfort. This woman has created this job for hotels to use and charges $85 for an hour of rolling. All we can say is, we hope she’s clean before she gets up into your sheets.

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