What Your Dog’s Breed Says About You

The people, places, and things that we surround ourselves says way more about ourselves than we realize. one of the most telling aspects of a person can be the type of dog they decide to keep in their home.  Read below to find out what your dog’s breed says about you.

Golden Retriever

One of the most popular breeds in America is the classic Golden Retriever. The golden retriever was bred because of their great ability as hunting dogs. their name comes from their skill at retrieving shot birds without damaging the hunted game. They are great family pets and have a natural love of water and the outdoors. So what does this dog say about you. 

The golden retriever is a great symbol of the american dream and it’s owners tend to be your average american family. if Air bud sleeps in your home there’s a good chance you have a lack of style and try to make up for it with your undying patriotism. You probably drive a mini van or pickup truck and more than likely you keep a gun in your closet “in case things get ugly”. You probably have bought a lottery ticket in the last week and work for an insurance company. you probably have two kids, one girl and one boy, and all you really want in life is be able to buy a house with a pool in the backyard but your high school education hasn’t impressed your boss enough to ask for a raise. Don’t worry at least you got man’s best friend to keep you company on your pursuit of all those things promised to you by the great american dream.


The Chihuahua is one of the smallest breeds of dogs that are named after the state in Mexico from which they hail. Chihuahuas are bred mostly for their charming looks and peppy personalities.

If you own a chihuahua you’re probably the center of attention, your bark is certainly louder than your bite and you pride yourself on your outward appearance even though you could probably use a makeover. chihuahuas are common for people that feel something is missing in their lives, so they buy themselves something small and cute that can distract them from that aching feeling. and boy is this breed good at distracting, they never know when to shut up and their loud mouths often get them into precarious positions, although this is not entirely unfamiliar territory for yourself.


Pit Bulls are notorious for being aggressive fighting dogs, but in reality they are often very friendly, affectionate, and athletic. They often appear as very muscular dogs and always seem to have a smile on their face.

If you own a pit bull you almost certainly have a gym membership. you do your best to have a tough outward experience but deep inside you’re just a cuddly teddy bear. you are very loyal and prideful of the ones you love. you’re not afraid to protect the ones you love but your natural instinct is for peace and play. most likely you’re a good person but you should learn to embrace your softer side because in the end that’s who you really are.


Poodles are infamous for their strange grooming habits but over all they are eager,a athletic and rather smart dog breeds. they are very popular in dog shows and have been groomed in some truly ridiculous ways.

If you own a poodle you probably have more than five credit cards. Your monthly car payment is nearly the same as your rent and your haircut is probably the first thing people notice about you for better or for worse. you certainly have a sense of pride in your looks although if you want to know the truth you should be more prideful in your inner qualities because your looks are more distracting than anything. you have great athletic and intellectual ability but for some reason you focus on your outward appearance. you have a superiority complex and you paid thousands of dollars to get your AKC pure-bred poodle in hopes to show everyone your unmatchable style.

St. Bernard

Bernards are a large dog breed famous for its droopy face and strong winter coat. They have been used as rescue dogs in snowy landscapes and are extremely lovable.

If you own a St. Bernard you probably need to clean your room. there’s a good chance you always leave a restaurant with a stain on your shirt. You are loved by all but are infamous for your clumsy demeanor. your primary focuses in life are love and loyalty a nd you love the outdoors. you bought yourself a bernard because it’s the only thing on this planet who doesn’t mind your messy house. if only you could learn to pick up after yourself you would be on the right track, and of course your hundred pound dog isn’t making this task any easier.

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