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Worst English Language FAILS

We get it, english is hard to learn for most people as a second language. While it is the most common language globally, it’s not always the easiest to grasp. We’ve collected some of our favorite english language fails from the globe to show you how entertaining these fails can sometimes be!

  1. Ah yes, Hannibal Lecter’s famous go-to snack

2. The world’s most depressing butterfly facts can be found on a cup of joe.

3. We know Coca Cola was famous for putting cocaine in their early drinks when the company first started, but did you know about their most recent marketing endeavor?

4. This one just made my brain hurt.

5. Unfortunately for these furry friends, the Nazi regime is alive and well.

6. Would you like a side of climax with your orgasm tube?

7. This is how Morrissey does his laundry.


9. Is this a place in Westeros?

10. Honesty is a rare quality to find in businesses nowadays.

11. Perhaps served best cold for thine enemies?

12. The applications for this college blew up.

13. Ignorance at it’s best…

14. As they say on broadway:

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