Your Favorite Disney Movies Are From WHERE?!

Disney has done a great job throughout recent years portraying a wide variety of different cultures and backgrounds in their films. Disney has stories from all around the world, but do you know exactly WHERE your favorite Disney films are from, and who originally told their tale? Some Disney movies are pretty obvious with where they are based, like the Lion King being set in Africa and The Jungle Book set in India. But what about those questionable movies you have absolutely no idea where they are from? We’ve got some answers for you on where these tales originated.

Snow White

If you haven’t heard of the Brothers Grimm, then you probably don’t know much about fairytales. This Germanic duo is responsible for most famous fairy tales, with Snow White being their most well known. Snow White was originally published in 1812 and the story is set in (you guessed it) Germany.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty takes place in France, and was originally published by Charles Perrault. Of course, the infamous Brother’s Grimm also got their hands on the tale for a re-telling, but most of us are more familiar with the French version, also titled “Little Briar Rose”.


Though we think Bambi takes place somewhere in America, the original story was actually published in Austria by Felix Salten. The tragic tale of Bambi and the hardships animals go through touched our souls, and was amongst one of Disney’s first films centering around an all animal cast.


Frozen was initially titled “The Snow Queen” and was written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, who also wrote “The Little Mermaid”. It’s safe to say both of those tales take place in Denmark, but did you know that The Snow Queen and Frozen are so vastly different? Frozen took a long time to actually get approved by Disney because they had to change the story so much. In the original tale, our beloved Elsa was actually meant to be the villain!

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